Wednesday, October 7, 2015

funny goats and a hilarious story

Hi, we've got a story to tell. At first it sounds sad but then you'll get hysterical. Okay, so when we got to the house we couldn't find Zuzu's and Vida's dog Dara. We were looking all over the neighborhood, then finally out of the corner of  her eye, Vida spotted Dara. She has sleeping in her dog bed! 

We have a fun fact from our researcher Vida: Goat milk takes thirty minutes or less to digest and cow milk takes 2 hours or more.

We haven't figured out what to name our future goats so feel free to tell us your ideas in the comment boxes. 

Our president would like to say something. This is Zuzu: This is off point but the Ojai Valley Athletic Club's cat is named C.C. and she is cute. 

These are very cute goats that are doing some funny things. 



  1. Dara was in her bed that whole time?!! That is hysterical. I want to let you know something: a similar thing happened with our beagle Lucy! We looked all over the neighborhood (in the snow!) and the whole time Lucy was asleep in the closet of the bedroom!

    I love these cute baby goats. When they climb on the dogs, I bet it feels like a little massage for the dogs!

    Here is my suggestion for what to name your future goat: Frank Chance..

    1. What a coincidence, we will take your suggestion. You are the first person to give us a name idea. How old is Lucy.